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“We are heartbroken that another incident like this has happened,” quote by Barak Obama yesterday after the Ft. Hood shooting. Heartbroken? Do you realize, Mr. Obama, that there have been more incidents of Americans being killed in the last five years than in the previous fifty? In the last five years we have had attacks in Ft. Hood (twice), Benghazi, the Boston Marathon, and various others. All these happened under your watch. America has gone from being the protector of the world to nearly a third world country. We also have the IRS scandal and takeover, the destruction of a good health care system, Fast and Furious, extreme unemployment, in surmounting debt, and how many other downgrades to how America was before you took office. You own this, there is no one else to blame now.

To take a famous quote and rework it for this situation, “Obama golfs while America burns”.

I send prayers for the families of the victims of the Ft. Hood shooting yesterday. God Bless you all and heal your hearts. This American cares.