My thought on this? If humans would stop acting on initial feelings, take a breath, and think things through, we might all get along. how much of what is going on the world today is because we act too quick without thinking of the consequences.

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By Kenneth Justice

~ There are a lot of things I’ve done in life that I regret (I can hear friends from my youth snickering as they read that line), but there have been a couple moments in life where I did the right thing; and those times seem to stick with me.

A while back, in the course of a short span of time my friend was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit, fell into a coma and nearly died in a hospital bed, sued by two different people, and had his car ticketed and towed by a dastardly meter-man. In the flurry of all of the sh*t that was going on in his life, I was sitting at coffee with my friend one morning when we spotted the meter-man from hell approach his car once again.

Let’s go beat the guy up” my friend said…

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