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In California this morning a man walked into a police sub-station and shot a police officer seven times. The officer did not have on his protective  vest. He is still alive and is one lucky man. Actually, not so much luck as God decided He was not ready for this man to be called to Heaven. God probably has a plan for this man. Thank you, God, for saving the life of this fellow officer.

The man who opened fire in that station is still alive in critical condition. Too bad. I know I should not feel that way but my opinion is he deserves to die for his actions. What I love about this story is a female officer, also confronted by this suspect, pulled her gun and took out the threat. Don’t ever say women can’t do the job as they are nurturers. Have you ever seen a mother grizzly bear protect her young? Have you ever seen a lioness protect her family? The female officer was protecting her family, the fraternity of law enforcement officers. You go, girl!!!

In another shooting incident this past week, another female military police officer took out the shooter at Ft. Hood. That was twice at that location as it was a female who took out Hassan in the last shooting on the military base.

These are not isolated incidents and not limited to police or military officers. In another incident last week a man accidently hit a ten year old boy with his car. He immediately got out to render aid to the youth. He was jumped by other people in the area and beaten into a coma. He remains in a coma at this time. The only reason he is not dead is a female nurse, saw what was happening, ran to the man’s aid and told the crowd to back off. I saw an interview with her last night. She said she was not scared but did what she needed as she was trained to do. She also said she had her gun in her purse right beside her and would have used it to protect herself and the man.

Ladies, if you live in a country that allows you to carry a weapon, do so. Go get the training, practice, practice, practice, and protect yourself and your fellow man. Luck is always a good thing to have but the ability to make your own luck is better. Lucky man but better women.