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Earlier today, I re-blogged a post from one of my favorite bloggers, The Opinionate Man. It was a rant against pornography being allowed on Word Press. I re-blog it so others who don’t read OP’s blog will know there could be porn on Word Press. I must say, I have never seen anything pornographic on Word Press. Pornography is a matter of opinion. Some call it trash; some call it art. It has been around since man started drawing pictures on cave walls. While in Italy I visited Pompeii. Most of the artwork that survived the eruption of Vesuvius would be considered pornographic. They were beautiful paintings. I took many pictures of the artwork, still able to be seen two thousand years later. I guess I can’t post any of them on my blog as someone will think it is porn.

Regardless of whether you think it should be allowed on Word Press or not, remember this. It is considered a protected speech. In America we highly value freedom of speech. We are fortunate to have this right. That means one has the right to post what ever one wants. So yes, that means pornography. People have the right to post it an YOU have the right to delete it. One of the most wonderful things about the computer is the Delete Button. If you don’t like it, don’t look. My opinion is that porn should not be banned. If we ban porn then next someone will want religious pictures and articles banned. Then comes the political views. There is never an end to what someone considers offensive. What is offensive to me may not be offensive to you. Let the internet continue to be free to put whatever you want to put up here. Because when one thing goes, it opens the door to restricting everything.

Word Press is the only entity to keep something off it’s web site. I hope the very offensive porn involving children is banned. But if not, I hope Word Press will work with law enforcement to find and arrest those who participate in that. Another wonderful thing about the internet is now the police are better able to track, arrest, and stop child porn. But that is different subject for a different day.

If you find something you don’t like on Word Press, just hit delete and go on. I was amazed OP suggested such a ban as his goal is to offend as many people as he can. Perhaps that was why he posted it and asked us all to re-blog. He was looking to see who he might offend today. Good job, Jason, I wonder how many fell into the trap.