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There are times the events I put on paper stir my emotions. I can write a particular scene that brings tears to my eyes. I feel what the characters feel. I wonder if I stir emotions in my readers the same way. Do they feel the same empathy with the characters I do? I can only hope the reader feels the same. After all, isn’t that why an author writes?

A romance author wants the reader to feel the same feelings of love the characters are feeling. This is why romance authors write; they need to express romance to others. Likewise, adventure authors want the reader to feel the excitement of the adventure. Not every writer can do that. Those who do write books we cannot put down. It is what I strive to do in my writing.

I read many genres of books. History, romance, and adventure are my favorites. When I think about it, those three genre are really all same. They stir emotion. The emotions are nearly the same: a form or romance. Yes, I know some history books are dry and hard to read. But the ones that stir the emotions are the ones we can really learn history from. They are written by authors who feel the history. I will recommend one I recently finished. The book is Lawrence In Arabia by Scott Anderson. Mr. Anderson made me feel I was riding through the desert alongside Lawrence. I felt I met the same people Lawrence met; the men who would later establish the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the monarchy of Jordan. The book was difficult to put down. The history of that time is what shaped the middle east we have today. If more people learned and understood that history we could work together toward bringing peace to that area of the world. What happens in the past is what shapes the future. This is true of Europe, Russia, Africa, and just about any hot spot on the earth today. History repeats itself so knowing history may keep us from making the same mistakes. Finding authors who stir emotions about history is the difficult part of learning it.

Adventure novels are another form of romance. Instead of falling in love with a human being, the adventurer falls in love with the quest. Again, a good author must stir emotions in order keep the reader going. Emotions. Whether love, a place, or a quest it is the emotion that keeps the reader interested.

I wrote one paragraph today that caused tears in my eyes. Those words stirred immense emotions. I hope the words will stir similar emotions in my readers. They are words. Words are what authors use to express feelings to readers. Without words, we are nothing. I love words