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If you are one who believes in Man Made Global Warming, I feel sorry for you. Whether you believe in God of not, and I do, how you can think humans effect anything on this earth is beyond me. Mother Nature will do whatever she wants; damn the humans.
Start learning, people. The earth has been here for billions of years. It has warmed and it has cooled. There were ice ages and the oceans rose. Land was made and land was destroyed. It did that without humans being here. It will continue to do that. What affects the climate is the sun. Sometimes the earth is closer, sometimes it is farther away. Sometimes, other planets, moons, asteroids, and comets get in the way of the sun. Solar flares raise the temperatures. Humans do not control the sun. So obviously humans are not affecting the climate of the earth.
That does not mean we shouldn’t do things like recycle and conserve. But going so far as to stop the Keystone Pipeline? That makes no sense. I heard these comments spoken this weekend: “some people think that pipeline is transporting sewage and will bring complete destruction to the world. The reality is it will bring prosperity to thousands of people who will have jobs and help America gain energy independence.” (I paraphrased the quote, sorry I didn’t remember it word for word) At the moment, the sun does not provide an efficient means of energy so solar doesn’t work. The wind does not blow hard enough, often enough, or consistent enough so wind energy doesn’t work. Besides, have you ever been near one of those wind farms? The sound is horrible even miles away. That sound could cause a weak mind to snap. Remember Sandy Hook Elementary? Look at the timeline in the rise of individuals committing mass murder and the building wind farms. It is a very similar timeline. Just saying.
Last winter was one of the coldest on record in many parts of the country. There were record snowfalls all across the nation. Experts are forecasting next winter will be worse. That sounds like global cooling to me. If humans don’t want to be cold then we need energy to help humans keep warm. The Keystone Pipeline brings that energy to us here in America. It brings the jobs humans need so they can pay energy bills and purchase food. It brings the gasoline needed for farmers to produce food and trucks to get food to the markets for humans to purchase. Stopping the Keystone Pipeline will not stop the oil from moving. It will send it to China or other countries who don’t have technologies in place to help keep the air and water safe. I trust American companies as good stewards of the earth more than any company anywhere else in the world.
The spineless jelly fish in the White House delayed the pipeline once again. He delayed it until after the November elections. Why? So big donors to the Democrats will give money. Those donors want to stop the Keystone Pipeline. They want to stop America from becoming energy independent. They want to destroy the America we know and love.
So I will take a well know quote and change it for my own purposes. “Damn the Global Warming, full speed ahead for the Keystone Pipeline!!!! “Drill, baby, drill! (Thank you, Sarah, for that quote) Frack N Drill!!! (slogan copywrite protected)