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After reading this you will want to abolish the IRS. Regardless of your political persuasion, this story should enrage you. I ask all my readers to retweet and reblog this information. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) paid bonuses to its employees in excess of 2.8 million dollars. The agency that collects taxes from you; the agency that makes most Americans quake when a call or letter comes from it, paid your tax dollars to themselves and they didn’t have to earn them! On top of that, some of the employees who received a bonus, have not paid their own taxes. You read that right, tax cheats received your hard earned tax money as a bonus. A bonus for what? Cheating?

You try not paying your taxes. See what happens to you. Did you receive a bonus? No, I didn’t think so. You go to jail, your home and property seized, and even your pension taken if the IRS says you didn’t pay all your taxes. Yet the IRS employees who don’t pay their taxes get a bonus.

I am not suggesting we should not pay taxes. I understand the need. I am encouraging a change to the system that collects those taxes. Simplify the system. A good computer could replace every employee in the IRS and it won’t even need a bonus!  

So, it is up to each and everyone of us to write to our congressional representatives. Tell them it is time to abolish the IRS. Flood them with email and snail mail. The people really can influence the people’s representatives; and not always by threatening to vote them out. It is time for a movement from Americans; an American Spring. We can be heard just like freedom loving humans in Egypt, Syria, Libya, and everywhere else uprisings have happened.

Please, retweet this. Please reblog this. Talk about it with your friends and family. We can do it.