Nobody likes rejection. It is the one thing that holds many writers, who would be next top author, back in fear. The reason the writers and authors listed in this article finally made is was they persevered; they believed enough in themselves to keep at it. To quote Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can be it.” Keep working at it, keep believing in yourself, and someday that one person will find your work and recognize it as worthy of all your hard work!

Cristian Mihai

letterFor any aspiring writer, a rejection letter, regardless of the provenience of said letter, is one of the most dreaded of objects. In this line of work getting rejected is considered a sort of literary murder – people are knowingly destroying something you’ve spent time on, and a lot of it. But the thing is everyone got rejected, more or less. I can think of very few instances when writers found publishers/agents from the first try. Or the second, or the tenth.

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