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As well as writing, I read. I usually review the books I read on Amazon but have been asked to include them in my blog. One question I get in interviews and at book clubs is, “What do you read? Who are your favorite authors?” My likes are very eclectic. I read many genres and a wide variety of authors. So, now I will start to include some of my reviews here for others to find some great books for their reading list.

The Collector, written by Nora Roberts. Rated Five Stars

This may be the best Nora Roberts novel ever written! Great story line, well developed, and left me unable to put it down. My only criticism is just my opinion: men never fall into true love that fast. In this story the main male character fell and knew he would marry the female character long before she did. A strong female not figuring things out like that? An even stronger male who does? It makes for great suspense and a wonderful departure from the normal romance novel.

This is how I am trying to develop my writing. I think there is no better author to attempt to emulate. I hope I can keep my readers so glued to the novel as Nora did with this one.

I recommend buying this for Mother’s Day even if your mother doesn’t read romance as this is no typical romance novel.