An analogy I can identify with! I never thought riding and writing were similar but this author showed me they can be. Hey, Tina, come visit me; I ride and teach horseback riding. We can sit under the tree in the swing and talk about getting back on the writing horse after getting thrown!

One of the many truths about being a writer is that eventually everything ends up in a book. No matter what adventure, success, or failure we go through, it’s all potential novel material. I’m not any different, so definitely look for a novel in my future about a woman who learns how to ride a horse. 🙂 

Tina Ann Forkner 2013 Lizzie and I getting a work out at my friend’s place in CO Springs.

Living in Wyoming and having grown up in northeastern Oklahoma, one might think I would be a full-blown horse woman by now. Sadly, not true. My mom, bless her sweet protective heart, felt the same way about horses that she did about motorcycles. I wasn’t allowed to ride them. When I finally did give it a try, I failed miserably and gave up. Sometimes it feels like my writing career is similar to my luck with horses.

Since I’m published, you might think…

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