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I have been reluctant to wade into the pool swirling around the NBA owner, Mr. Sterling, and his bigoted statements. I was obviously not afraid to write about people from other countries and cultures when I wrote Only Love Twice. I knew there would be many people who would put the book down as soon as they saw one of the characters was a Saudi National. It was a chance I took when I decided to show humans are alike regardless of where they come from. Some are just more misguided than others. So I guess it is time for me to weigh in on this subject.

I am not of a racist persuasion or bigoted. I firmly believe in looking at the content of ones character not their skin color, religion, sex, or any other distinguishing mark. Character speaks louder than any single trait in a human being. But there is a lot more to this incident than one man’s stupid remarks. Let me speak to each one.

1) Mr. Sterling made his statements in a private conversation that he believed would stay private. In the United States we have the right to privacy. That is the Fourth Amendment. What he said should have remained private and should not be used against him. Whoever released this private statement should be prosecuted for violation of his privacy.

2) Mr. Sterling has the right to his opinion and the right to state anything he wants. That is the First Amendment: the right to freedom of speech. No matter how wrong or misguided the statement, he has the right to make it. This is true also for Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, Cliven Bundy of Nevada, and all the other statements humans have made that someone else disagrees with. If you don’t like them don’t listen.

3) The court of public opinion will do more to hurt Mr. Sterling than anything the Government thinks it might do. So Federal Government, and Mr. President, stay out of it. Humans can vote with their feet and dollars. Those will hurt worse than anything else. Most of the sponsors have bailed. The players of the LA Clippers can continue to play for the team or ask to be traded, let their contracts run out, or become free agents. No players no team. Fans can chose to not attend games. This hurts a lot of innocent people,(fans, players, people who work at the arena, people who sell LA Clippers paraphernalia, etc.)  and takes along time to hurt the one who made the comments in the first place. 

What infuriates me in regards to the situation is that race baiters are using it for their own gains. The Liberals, and that includes the Press, are using it to further their agenda. They make it sound like we are still fighting the Civil War and Blacks are still on the plantation. Well, their not and we are not. Some humans will carry their opinions, regardless of how misguided they are, forever. Nothing will ever change that. But they are a very small minority of the humans on earth. They are also in the same category as the Islamists who congregate under the black banners. It is the same type of racist bigotry. It is hatred and nothing will ever stamp it out. So how do the rest of us fight it?

There is no easy answer. But I think if everyone would stop talking about them, marginalize them, vote with their feet and dollars, take the spotlight off them, it would go along way. Talk about the good things people do, tweet about great acts you or other people do, congratulate the heroes. Who wants to be bad if no one talks about the bad? If we all talk about the good then people will want to be recognized for being good. It might just go a long way toward erasing the hate.