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Is it cheating if you memorize the answers before taking the test? Interesting philosophical question. As students prepare for final exams in college and high schools, this question came to the fore front. Plymouth College in California placed anti-cheating posters all around the school. Answers to the finals were written on the hand in the picture. The school spokesperson stated they didn’t think the students could see the answers from across the room. Well, perhaps they just had good eyesight, but more likely, they looked closely at the poster and memorized the answers.

Ok, so those students didn’t spend hours going through notes and reviewing the material like other classmates. They memorized the answers. They recalled that memorization. They had really good memories. Why should they be penalized for that? I applaud their initiative. After all, they did the same thing those who studied did. They memorized the material. Some just took a short cut. Some used their brains instead of their time.

So I ask again, is this cheating to memorize the answers?