History repeats. The European continent 80 + years ago and now the African continent. Those thugs in Nigeria are hopped up on drugs, probably cocaine, crack, or meth. I watched the video, I know the symptoms. I know how it makes super humans out of mere mortals. I fought them as a police officer. I saw the ravages on the lives of everyone around them; including the kids. The kids born addicted though they never asked to be. The drugs caused them to kill, rape, abduct, and sell other human beings without malice.
For those who think white men enslaved the African blacks, go back and read history. The whites bought and used them, but the other blacks sold their fellow race members. Just like now. Religion has nothing to do with it. Power, greed and drugs do. Just like then, just like now.

Cognitive Dissident

OK, Babies!  Mommy’s going to “come clean” about the CR*CK.

Here we go.

It was an ACCIDENT.

I never chose to have the bones of my face soften and melt.  I didn’t choose for my teeth to get pointy so the dentist had to file them.

I know my looks have changed and I didn’t secretly pay to have “work done.”  I can only imagine what it was like for Super Beautiful Whitney Houston to discover what happens and how tempting it was for her to continue with the crack as she did.

Since it’s not REGULATED by law, we aren’t truly allowed to study the effects on pest mammals so that we can decide how to control it.  I highly doubt that it would be a substance that would be permitted in baby formula.

Crack wasn’t invented in the 1980’s.  Cocaine was a big hit a hundred plus years…

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