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Are you looking for a really good new fresh author? Then Christina OW is the one. Once I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down. I sat up all night reading, it was so wonderful.

So much of the opening to this book has happened to many of us in life. You will see characters like these evil ones everyday. Christina did a great job of developing her characters into people you love to hate and ones you are rooting for all through the book. But life never turns out like the fairy tale we want. You can feel the pain of loss in this authors words. If you don’t like tear jerkers then this book isn’t for you. But if you want a romance in the truest sense of the word, then this book is the one.

Christina OW brings many elements together to provide the reader with emotion. She shows us even the best of us has flaws but those who love us can look past the flaws and love us regardless. The writing is very good. I found editing errors, but what book doesn’t have a few, however they don’t stop the flow of the book. Character development  is well defined. I knew where the book was going until it took a hard left turn. What a surprise!

My only big criticism was the section when they were in Rome. I take it the author has never traveled there and used the internet or other books to map out their route through the city. If you have never been to Rome or Italy for that matter, you would not know how wrong it was. I have used the internet and travel books to take my characters to other places I have never visited. It is a wonderful tool. Now I see where it could be a problem for those who know the area your are describing. I knew the travels through Rome were wrong yet it didn’t stop me from reading. I just laughed at where they went as what they did there was too much fun.

The book is mildly erotic. The author did a good job of making the love scenes readable for those who don’t like graphic sex. It is very vanilla. But while the sex is vanilla, the characters aren’t, so it gives more of a challenge to some readers who don’t like multi-racial, multi-cultural characters. Obviously, I don’t as those are the same type of characters I use in my books.

I gave the book five stars and highly recommend it to all readers. Men, if they would take the time to read romance, should see how their ideas can effect so many lives when it comes to true love and soul mates. I can say Christina did as good a job as Nicholas Sparks does in expressing how men don’t realize what they have until they have lost it. I have purchased the next one in the series and can’t wait to get started on it!! You can find this and other Christina OW novels on Amazon.com. They may only be available for e-readers which is sad. They need to be published in paper version for those not into the e-readers.