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Have you ever wished you could see the future? I believe there is a chance for Americans to do just that. How? Just follow the unfolding story of the Veterans Administration health care situation.

The Veterans Administration has been a leader in health care for Veterans of the US. There are certain health issues that only Veterans sustain. Those issues are not covered by most regular insurance companies; that is the reason a special health care department was made for Veterans. Many of these issues are very expensive to treat. If you were never in the Military, you don’t know that military personnel are often in situations that the general public never experiences. I ask my readers to google Agent Orange; what it is, the health risks, and the deaths from it. It is a chemical the Military used in many areas. The proliferation of chemical weapons on all battlefields in recent years used against the opposition is the latest in health risks experienced by Veterans. You thought Saddam Hussain didn’t have WMD’s? Well, he used some of his chemical weapons against our soldiers. They are coming back with major health issues. These are issues the Veterans Administration is uniquely able to handle.

Now you are thinking, “That’s great, I’m glad our government is taking care of these men and women.” Well, think again. Every American needs to be following this scandal and talking to their Congress representatives. It is time to fix the problems. But there is even more reason to learn about it and fear the future. The Veterans Administration is a single payer insurance system. The Federal Government pays all the health costs. The system is beyond broken and getting worse under the Obama administration. They can blame it on the Bush Administration, but in reality it doubled it’s problems in the last six years. More money was thrown at it yet the money goes to those who game the system. It is also the model for Obama Care. It is where the current Administration is taking our health care system. If you see how bad this system works, what do you think your health care under the Affordable Health Care Act will be? If you want to look into the future, just look at what is happening in Veterans health care. That is the future of Obama Care.

Not all doctors and nurses in the VA are bad. It is more of an Administration problem. But there are doctors who don’t care and can’t make a go in private practice. I know; I have Veterans health care. I know a Veteran who went in to the local VA clinic with heart attack symptoms and was given an appointment with the Doctor six months later. That is a fact. Would you wait six months to see a doctor if you thought you were having heart problems? NO. You would go to the Emergency Room. But the only insurance you have is VA insurance. How can you pay for the very expensive ER? The bill will be enough to give you a heart attack. I have friends and relatives who have waited over three years to receive their benefits. These are benefits they earned by giving a part of their life so the rest of us can live in freedom here in America. The VA problems are because the Government is a bureaucracy. It is the Bureaucracy that is causing the problems. Think Obama Care is already a major problem? Well you haven’t seen anything yet. Check out the Veterans Administration if you want to see the future.