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If I hear someone say “Happy Memorial Day” one more time today! It is not a happy day. It is a day to say ‘Thank You’ to the men and women who serve our Country now and praise the lives of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so the rest of us can live free.

Thank you, Veterans, for all you have done. Thank you for giving time out of your life for your fellow Americans. Thank you for giving your arms, legs, and for giving your minds so America can be a beacon of freedom for all people of the world. Now the rest of us will help take care of you by providing for our Wounded Warriors and the families of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, their life. There are many wonderful organizations who help provide, and I ask everyone to donate to these organizations as a thank you for our freedom.

I especially thank the Veterans of the “greatest generation”. World War Two was a huge cost to Americans and other Nations. If not for their service, we would all be speaking German or Japanese. I hope we never again see war like that but history says, yes, we will. I hope there will be another ‘greatest generation’ when the time comes.

Thank you Veterans!