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The Obama Administration has entered into a dance with the devil. I understand the happiness of the Bergdahl family. No soldier should be left behind; unless he is a traitor to his country and his fellow soldiers. Bergdahl left his post and walked to the enemy lines. He was taken in by Taliban forces and kept alive for the last five years. He went willingly. I heard the interview of his father with the UK Guardian just after he was ‘captured’. He is defending his traitor son. He tells how his son disagreed with fighting in Afganistan so he willingly left his post. That is a traitor by any definition of the word. Now that we have him back, he should be hung like all past traitors to the United States.

The more troubling aspect of this prisoner exchange is that ALL men and women overseas are now in danger of being kidnapped in hopes of being exchanged for terrorist held by the US. Every high ranking official, every member of the officials family, every soldier, every civilian contractor, must now be worried they will be captured in exchange for other terrorist being held in Guantanamo. It is a dangerous dance with the devil the Administration has entered into. The devil is the terrorist we now negotiate with. This is a complete change of policy done by the Obama White House without talking to Congress and completely against the laws of the United States. Obama and his minions are now also traitors to this Country just with this action. The Executive Branch of the Government is not to engage in policy change without the approval of Congress. Obama needs to read the Constitution of the United States; a Constitution he took an oath to uphold. Because of the Political Correct Police no one will say or use the word for what Obama has done: he has committed treason. As a traitor Bergdahl belongs in the Obama Administration so I guess he has a job waiting once he gets home.

For those of you hoping we can keep the US together for the next two and a half years until we can change the President, guess again. Obama is not leaving in 2016. He and his handlers are working to overthrow the Constitution. I’m not afraid to say it. Call me a conspiracy theorist, maybe I am, but this is the most overreach of Executive powers that has ever happened in the centuries since 1776. If it continues, the United States of America will fail to exist. That is a fact not a theory.

Traitors exchanging traitors so the enemy gets their leaders back is treason. Obama dances with the devil.