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Since we are exchanging prisoners now, why not exchange every Mexican held in an American prison for Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi being held in a Mexican prison? Is his life any less important than Bowe Bergdahl? We exchanged high value terrorist for the life of a turn coat so why not give up extremely violent offenders of American Law for a wonderful veteran suffering from PTSD after serving his Country loyally? Oh, wait, that’s right, one is a traitor and the other honorably served his Country. Obama would not negotiate for honorable veterans, what was I thinking. That is why the Veterans Administration is such a mess and the men and women who honorably served American cannot get the health care they were promised when they went into harms way for their country. (Google Marine Held Captive for this man’s story)

As much as I am concerned for the Nigerian girls taken captive, where is the hashtag #BringBackOurVeteran? Where is that tweet, Ms. Obama? Veterans are expendable. Traitors must be exchanged.