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I listen to a lot of people who have opinions on politics and religion. I always keep an open mind. Sometimes, people do change my opinion, mostly they don’t. The following conspiracy theory was presented to me. I listened to it and because I have some knowledge on military operations, I can see it as being plausible. I present it to my readers as something to think about.

What if Bowe Bergdahl, who was a private when he walked away from his troop in Afghanistan, then promoted in abstention to Sergeant, was recruited by the CIA to infiltrate the Taliban? The CIA actively recruits from the military and uses soldiers. I personally know of one. He is the one who presented this theory.

Bergdahl left a letter stating his intentions to find and join the Taliban. He asked questions of his superior officers that were questionable. Then he walked away. Unfortunately, six fellow soldiers died while looking for him. Bergdahl found the Taliban or they found him. He already spoke their language, Pashtun, and is said to speak Arabic. He was kept alive and lived with them. He would have heard every thing they said, what they were planning, and got to know them by name. He may have given away some information about troop movements and tactics just to make his captors think he was on their side. He was with them for over five years. Then the Obama Administration breaks the law by not going before Congress before negotiating with terrorist and making an exchange of five top Taliban leaders for Bergdahl. Bergdahl is still being debriefed and in custody of the US Military. He has not even been allowed a phone call to his parents. Why is that? Because he is giving the CIA and our military all the information he has gathered while in Taliban custody. Plausible? Yes, it certainly is. It would be wonderful if this is the real scenario. Certainly a much better theory than any I can dream up.

While it is plausible I don’t believe it. If this was the real story, why would the Administration risk breaking the law? Why wouldn’t they secretly go before Congress to arrange the deal? I can see this theory happening but not in the way it unfolded here in the US. Someone took a big risk by negotiating with the terrorist then releasing prisoners without Congressional approval. Unless, of course, someone in the Administration is really that stupid.