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Real current events are writing a better story than most of us authors can write. So much of what happened over this weekend, tied to events that happened months and years ago, and you get the perfect suspense thriller. Unfortunately, it isn’t the next best seller or big block buster movie. It is real life playing out before our eyes.

Regardless of the reason, five high profile leaders of the Taliban were sent back to Qatar so they can finish planning the next big attack against the United States. Ok, we know the President exchanged one reported “Prisoner of War” for these Taliban members captured and held in Guantanamo. How can that lead to a big attack on US citizens? Remember that Malaysian airliner that disappeared off the radar several months ago?  Are you ready for the next big Jihad??

They have that jet. They have the men back who can put the final touches on the plan. These men have been in custody observing, learning, and planning how they can make the biggest impact in a jihad against us. Where are they going to fly that jet full of fuel and tons of other explosives or chemical weapons? I don’t know that answer but perhaps Bowe Bergdahl will reveal it in his debriefing. We can only hope! Is this a conspiracy theory, the next best seller, or real life playing out before our eyes??