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Americans now find themselves in the middle of this often quoted phrase. When the Executive Branch oversteps the law set down in the Constitution there are provisions within that document to punish the offender. Many US presidents have pushed the edge of the law; some have crossed it and impeachment proceedings were started. One thing about most laws is there is a gray area left open to interpretation. It is left to the Judicial Branch to figure out the interpretation. This is called a check and balance system between the three equal branches of our government.

In this current breach of the law, no matter how blatant the breach, Americans have a the toughest choice to make. The first African American was elected to the Presidency in 2008. That was a huge step for racial relations in a country where slavery was an issue. It was historically a wonderful thing. If that first African American (I am using the term ‘American’ only as a description not as fact) President is prosecuted for breaking the law of the Constitution, a document he took an oath before God to obey, will that only be seen as racial prejudice? A conundrum to be sure. White men have been prosecuted but because this man is black we cannot prosecute him? What kind of precedent does this set? Will the Judicial Branch in the future have to overlook any breach of Constitutional Law because one man got away with breaking those laws now? Doesn’t that lead to a dictatorship? The founding fathers purposely put these safeguards in place so we would never return to monarchy or dictatorship. We are at the moment in history.

I compare this situation to a more simple example. There are more black men in prison than white men: statistical fact. This fact is used by race leaders to say law enforcement racially profiles and arrests black men versus letting white men go. Using that logic, if a white man robs a liquor store he should be arrested and punished to the fullest extent of the law. But if a black man robs a liquor store, he probably had a good reason so he should be let go. That is not equality that is stupid. Just because of the color of your skin you are allowed to commit crimes and receive little punishment.

The first African American President has broken the law. I also put forth not just this once but many times. I think his high crimes are worse than any laws Nixon broke. Each time he breaks the law and is not punished it gives him the opportunity to break more laws because he was allowed to get away with it. This latest breach of the law has now put Americans at risk overseas and at home. He has given our enemies back their leadership so they can plot against us for future terror attacks. He has set a dangerous precedent for negotiating with terrorist and enemies of the state. Yet, he will not be impeached simply because he is black. So, any future African American President will be allowed to break the laws in the Constitution and become a dictator for life. Hail, Caesar! Heil, Hitler! Hail, Obama.