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Mr. President,

Yesterday you made the statement, “We will leave no one behind. We had an opportunity and we took it.” Ok, I understand the sentiment. I can even agree to a point. Bergdahl should be brought home; but not held as a hero, he should be court martialed. He should never have been exchanged for the five most high value terrorist we had in Guantanamo. He could have been traded for the five lowest prisoners we had in custody. That however is not the point of this letter.

“We will leave no one behind.” So why is Sgt. Tahmooressi still in prison in Mexico? Is his health no less important than Bergdahl’s? Tahmooressi was leaving the Veterans Hospital when he missed the turn and accidently entered Mexico. He is a Veteran in need of services! He is very important and should not be left behind. You have often stated, “I have a phone and a pen.” Well, pick up your phone and call the President of Mexico to demand the immediate release of Sgt. Tahmooressi. Pick up your pen and write sanctions against Mexico until he is released. You can stop all imports and exports into Mexico. You can cripple their economy more than it already is. After all, if it wasn’t for NAFTA they would have no economy. Tahmooressi’s release will bring you the high five from the citizen you are craving. What a wonderful photo op it would be to see the parents of Sgt. Tahmooressi in the White House Rose Garden. All you did with Bergdahl is create more scandal. Please, do something right for once and bring some hope back to the military and the citizens of America. Bring Tahmooressi home now! #BringOurSoldierHome