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Today is the seventieth anniversary of D-Day, the Normandy Invasion. It was the battle that started the end of World War Two on the European continent. More soldiers died on those beaches in that one day than in Afghanistan and Iraq combined. The best war movie of all time, The Longest Day, was made about that day. (my opinion and of many others) The men than gave their blood, their souls, so freedom could be had by the people of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East could have their countries back. Well, at least central Europe was free and we still speak English and not German.

Today is the day to say thank you to all those men who made the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you to all the men and women who survived and came home. Thank you to the French countrymen who care for the graves of those fallen soldiers still buried there; some known only to God. Thank you to all members of the Greatest Generation. Thank you to those who stayed behind to work in factories to make the necessities of war. Thank you to the Oak Ridge people who developed a weapon so we are not speaking Japanese today. No amount of thank yous’ will ever be enough.

We loose more of the Greatest Generation everyday. We loose the memory of what was sacrificed in that war. As the memory fades, as the next generations come along, will we forget them? It is said most young people do not know about the two World Wars, what caused them, or what resulted from them. That is sad. Learning history is the most important thing that can be learned for if we do not learn from history, we will repeat it.

I encourage everyone to find and watch the movie, The Longest Day. It should be mandatory watching for every high school student. Another great movie made about that generation is Saving Private Ryan and Pearl Harbor. Those were the men and women of the greatest generation. Watch the sacrifice and say, Thank You, to any member of the Greatest Generation.