Thanks for the review! I thought it was spot on and fair. It does, however, set up the suspense in the sequel, due out in two months. Anyone interested in reviewing the next one, please email me for a pre-publication copy.


Morning little bloggers, hope you are all well! Once again thank you to the author Kat Canfield for sending her book ‘Only Love Twice.’ I’ve thought a lot about this review over the last couple of days and it’s been a little tough to write Sometimes I can see the sheer time and effort that has been put into creating a book and yet, it doesn’t quite transcribe over and entertain the reader. I found reading this book a struggle, which was a real shame, so this review will take mostly a constructive line, whilst looking at the parts that I did really enjoy. As always my email inbox is filled to the brim with new requests however almost all my time is currently going into reading and reviewing before I start my internship at the end of June so get your requests in and I will get to them…

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