History repeats itself. If we fail to learn from history we will repeat the mistakes. It is nearly July 2014. The world is again on the edge of a precipice. Will we learn how to avoid world war or will we repeat it with much more dangerous consequences?

The July Crisis: 100 Years On, 1914-2014

The First World War defined the twentieth century. In its wake, millions died. In its wake, millions lay wounded or displaced. World War I unleashed violence and tragedy on a scale never before seen during the course of human history.

One hundred years on, the debate on the origins of the Great War remains unresolved. The July Crisis of 1914, as the thirty seven days between the assassinations at Sarajevo and the German declaration of war on France are known, was not inevitable. In the summer of 1914 diplomacy failed. As a result, Europe fell into sombre apocalypse.

We will follow the march to war together, day by day, exactly one hundred years after the events. My aim is to share with you one document every day that traces the development of the July Crisis as it happened. Together, we will understand how peace was shattered. Together, we will understand…

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