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letterThe events happening in Iraq with the ISIS fighters taking so many cities is being portrayed as a religious battle. The Shia are fighting the Sunni. It is said this is because the al Maliki government has excluded the Sunni in the government process. I disagree with this assessment.

Look back in recent history to Ireland. Studying the history we know the Irish Catholics were fighting the English Protestants. The combatants were genetically the same people with differing ideas on how they worshipped God. (I also remind you that their same God prohibited the killing of other human beings.) In that fight, thousands of innocent people were also killed; this is known as collateral damage. Most of the killing was done by utilizing terrorist tactics. (Perhaps the IRA helped the Islamic terrorist with ideas.)

While these two sides were the same people, they worshiped the same God, yet they killed each other for greater purposes. They were not fighting a religious battle they were fighting for power, territory (land and riches), freedom, and glory. These are the four things all wars have been fought over all through history. They are the things no one ever learns are the causes of strife in the human condition.

Research the history now of the Middle East (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordon, Saudi Arabia, and Israel). These humans are genetically the same people with different ideas on how to worship God. Their history goes back to the first murder when Cain slew Able. Brother against brother in this case for power and glory. Now we again have brother fighting brother but it is not about religion or the way they worship God but it is for power, territory, freedom, and glory. Human beings will fight for these things regardless of all the laws implemented or any religion or lack of religion. It is the human condition. It is what makes us uniquely human and different from the animal kingdom.

We never learn from history because we are not guided by learning of knowledge but by our need for power, territory, freedom, and glory. No matter how well intentioned the do-gooders are, war and fighting of humans will always continue because we are human. I also remind you we were made in God’s image. Perhaps it is time to start worrying about the impending war between the heavens?