The following rant was posted on Facebook by my friend Lee Ann Kagy. She is saying what most of us really think about politicians and certainly the current Debacle Administration. This should go viral. Thanks, Lee Ann, for writing it and letting me re-post it.

I need to vent just a little. I would imagine we are a minority to have a land line. Most of the time we do not answer. If you need us please leave a message. If you know us you probably have our cell phone. Here is the reason for my venting. Politicians, here is my advise. Please do not call my home phone with a public opinion survey. If you need to govern by the whims of the public you are not a leader. Please read and understand the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and the millions of laws that have already been passed. This country is in terrible shape because politicians are more worried about raising money and getting re-elected than they are keeping this country free of tyranny. Just look around, folks. The lawlessness of our government is quickly taking your freedoms and the freedoms of generations to come. Your freedom of speech, education, capitalism and religion are being taken away right under your nose, but of course if your favorite group, what ever it may be, is getting something for nothing you are content. The frog isn’t put in a pot of boiling water but immersed in cold and the temp is raised just a little at a time. If You do not pay attention to political details, you will wake up one day and wonder what in the Heck happened.

Are you listening, Politicians? It is up to all Americans to let the politicians know how we feel. The Constitution gave us that right by a voting box. Get out and vote in November or possibly loose all your rights!!