I just watched the video made by Governor Nixon of the State of Missouri. It is hard to believe the man is a lawyer and was State Attorney of sixteen years. He has just publically decided the police officer accused of shooting an unarmed man in that state is guilty and must be vigorously prosecuted. The officer is guilty without any due process. Last time I worked in the legal system, a person is presumed innocent until PROVEN Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. That is the law this country was founded on. We are a nation of laws and we have rights under the Constitution. The Governor just trampled all over those rights!

I have been quietly watching the event happening in Missouri. As a former police officer, I have a keen interest in the incident. The laws of Missouri are different than those of Florida where I worked and know the law. So it is hard to comment on any facts which have not been disclosed as of yet. All that is known is what witnesses have stated. Those statements vary greatly from each other. That is not uncommon; most witness statements do. There are only two people who know exactly what happened that day and one of them is dead.

As would be the case in any crime, the person who shot the other is presumed innocent until proven guilty by a jury of his peers. The case is being sent to a Grand Jury. In Florida, all police officer involved shootings go to the Grand Jury. However, it would take months if not years for that to happen. I never had the unpleasant opportunity of going before a Grand Jury. I had a close friend who did. He gave some insight to what the experience was like. What makes the Grand Jury different than a regular Jury trial is whatever is said within the Grand Jury hearing is unknown to anyone outside that jury room. Even my friend could not tell us what he said inside or what was said to him. If the Grand Jury does not find the officer guilty, that is the end of the case. If the officer is found guilty, the Grand Jury will issue an indictment and a regular trial will be held.

The Governor’s statement sounded like he says the officer is guilty and the Grand Jury must return an indictment of the same. If not, the rioting and looting in Ferguson, Missouri will become worse. In other words, the Grand Jury must return an indictment of guilty so the rioting will stop. It doesn’t matter if the true facts of the case show the officer acted properly within the letter of the law. He is guilty until proven innocent but in this case under no circumstances can he be called innocent!

As I said, I don’t know the facts of the case. But I can state that this officer will be made guilty regardless of the facts. I feel sorry for him. No matter how innocent he may be, no matter how justified he was in shooting an unarmed person, he will be judged guilty and convicted. He may face the death penalty. He may have wanted the young man dead, we don’t know what was in his mind at that moment, but he does deserve his day in court. Just like any person who is charged with a crime, he is presumed innocent until proven otherwise. After what the Governor said, this officer will never get a fair trail. All the officer can hope for is the conviction being overturned on appeal because he cannot get a fair trail. The trial can never take place in Ferguson, MO. It possibly cannot be tried in the State of Missouri. The case is tainted by the statements of people of authority in the State and the press. The case is tainted under the laws of the United States of America. It has been trampled on by Attorney General Eric Holder and the President of the United States. But what do we expect from Dictator Obama? Heil, Obama.