I have three words to say to the nurse who was quarantined in New Jersey this weekend, “Suck It Up.”
You didn’t want to be in quarantine? Too damn bad. I applaud your selfless sacrifice for going over to Africa to help Ebola patients. You are a good example to all. So keep being a good example, be quarantined, and shut up!

I saw the pictures of where she was quarantined. Yes, they were less than nice. Yes, there could be a better way to quarantine. You could have used those first hours in quarantine to help improve and find a better solution for all the other people who are going into quarantine. You could have been a leader, a problem solver. But no, you decided to cause more problems and scare more people about this problem. You are a child with a temper tantrum.!! Get over yourself and help others. It is not all about you. There are homeless people right here in America who would love to have as nice of accommodations as you had!

If this virus gets going here it could be that nurse’s fault. She has played right into the federal governments plan to let this disease get ahold here. After all, it could be the plan of Obama and his administration to bring it here. Isn’t it racist that this disease is affecting black people in Africa and not the white people in America? Damn racist disease! It should know better.

New Jersey and all other states looking for places to quarantine these people are doing an excellent job. I have a possible way to do this. I am sure there is a hotel that is unoccupied in that area right now. Why not outfit it for keeping quarantine patients in nice conditions for their twenty one days? Why couldn’t the Doctors Without Boarders provide the personnel to staff this quarantine area? There has to be a way to provide a good place to quarantine these people and I think the state and local authorities will do a much better job then the United States of Obama.