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Last night, America showed there is no war on women. It also showed what happens when you vote based on race or gender. One of the worst leaders ever was elected twice to the Presidency based solely on his race. It wasn’t his message, it was his race. Some pundits have termed this “white guilt”. Perhaps that is true. Last night the President’s agenda was put down. I think that shows he got elected based on his race. There were many women elected last night and it was based on their message not their gender. Mia Love is the first black female elected to Congress that was a Republican. Race? Gender? I think not.

As a female, I fought the opinions of men against my gender. I was a police officer, a female, in a world dominated by men. It was always my mission to earn my way into any unit I chose to be in. Several times, I was the only female attempting to go into a special unit. Several times, I got that position. Several times I did not. When I didn’t, I never said I didn’t get it because I was a female. I knew a better candidate got the position. All the special units I was involved in I EARNED that. Hard work, studying, and learning will get you further in life than trying to use your gender or race as the only factor for moving up. Get it? Be the best person for the position.

America has went backwards for the last six years because people voted for race instead of the best person for the job. I hope we learn from this and don’t make the same mistake again by voting a women into the Presidency who isn’t qualified. Of all the females said to be running, neither is qualified and they certainly are not leaders! And I say that not because they are Democrat but because they have no qualifications and no leadership skills.

So it is time, America, to start voting the best person to the job, not because of their race or gender. Then hold them accountable. If they don’t do the job they say they will do, VOTE THE BUMS OUT! We the people have the say and last night we said America is on the wrong path and it is time for American Exceptionalism to return.