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Today is Veterans Day in America. I say thank you to all men and women who wore the uniform of the United States Military. I can write freely because you defended the American Constitution. I can speak freely because you defended the Constitution. I could vote for the candidate of my choice because you defended the Constitution. You gave freely, you sacrificed your blood, sweat, and tears for millions of people who will never know you. Yet we appreciate you. This is your day and I thank you.

America has the best military in the world. American military men and women put on a uniform that stands for something. It might mean different things to different people but it all stands for America and American Exceptionalism. American military personnel are proud to wear the uniform and show their faces in battle. Proud. Unlike the cowards of ISIS who hide their faces and wear no uniform. Unlike the cowards of Hamas who hide behind innocent women, children, and old people. Unlike the cowards who strap bombs on themselves to kill innocents. Americans wear a uniform that stands for freedom for all regardless of race, gender, nationality, rich, poor, educated or not. They wear it regardless of religion or lack thereof. They wear it so all Americans can worship God in the way they want or mot. They do not hide. They are proud. And they will prevail against the cowards of evil.