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images ISIL
There is no doubt that evil is a faceless coward that hides behind the innocent. I watched the special about the Navy Seal who took out Osama Bin Laden. Americans only saw Bin Laden’s face when he was in the company of his soldiers on video. Otherwise he hid; in the mountains, in a high walled compound, and behind the women kept in his compound. Even in those last few minutes of his life Bin Laden was standing behind one of his wives using her as a shield instead of facing our soldiers like a man. Bin Laden was evil and he hid his face until the very end.

Evil is continuing to hide its face. It hides behind religions. At the moment, it hides behind Islam. The vast majority of Muslims are good God fearing people. It is easy to see those who are consumed by the evil as they cover their faces and hide behind innocent women and children. Evil has hidden behind Christianity though out history and still does even today. Not always in as large a way as it does with ISIL but it is in the hearts of many. Evil hides in humans regardless of religion, or lack thereof, race, gender, or culture. Evil is an equal opportunity destroyer. I hope that sentence gets tweeted all over the world!

It is also interesting to note that it likes to hide behind women. That shows the world that men are weak and women are strong. So stand tall, Ladies, and throw the evil down and grind its faceless form in the dirt!