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I have spoken many times about the fact that “Those who do not learn from history, are bound to repeat it.” There are more reasons for history to be taught in school than just to fill class time. The main reason is so we understand what happened back in the day and prevent the bad aspects from happening again.
Obama and his minions certainly did not pay attention in history class. How can an educated man, (at least he graduated, that doesn’t mean he earned the degrees) completely disregard history? He disregards because he cares more to dismantle America than continue our high values. Here is the short version of the history he missed:
During WW2, Hitler was winning his war in Europe. But he thought he knew more than his Generals and began to micro-manage the entire war strategy. Hitler tried to become the general. Even though he had some military experience, he could not know the actual conditions his Generals saw by being on the field in the forefront of the action. Hitler lost the war for Germany because of his actions. Thank goodness for that or we would all be speaking German right now.
Another point in history: the Vietnam War. Johnson micro-managed the entire war from the oval office. America won all the battles yet lost the war. We could have finished that war and saved countless American and civilian lives if the Generals could have managed the war and not the politicians in Washington who didn’t have a clue.
Obama is now micro-managing our Military. He tells them what to do and does not listen to their recommendations. He decides what targets our jets will hit and when. He does not listen to the experts who are on the field and know what the enemy is doing. He has absolutely no military experience and thinks he can lead by sitting in the oval office and knows nothing about what is happening in the theater. There is the leading from behind thing again. Bad, very bad. He placed experts in the positions of leadership then completely ignores their expertise and goes his own way. Just like Hitler. Just like Hitler he will lose each battle and will lose the war on terror. Terror is coming to America. ISIS will be on our soil very soon. We will soon all be under Sharia Law and the only religion we will be able to practice is Islam. And if you don’t believe in God? All atheist will be beheaded in the streets. There will be no choices. I worry Obama has all but invited the terrorist into the White House.
We can only hope the other two branches of our government can stop Obama. This last election will help but it won’t stop Obama. Many are looking toward the next election to get America back on track. Well, with the way things are, and the way Obama has disregarded history, I fear there may not be an election. Obama can suspend future elections. Heil, Obama.