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Doing the easy thing isn’t always the best way to get things done. When it comes to getting ahead in life, it takes hard work and lots of time. Of course it is easier to sit and not work and hope someone will come along and take care of you.

What does this have to do with what is going on in America? The American Dream is that if you work hard you can become anything you can dream about. Work hard and you will be successful. People from around the world have come to America for generations so they could live the American Dream. America was the hope of the entire world. People still keep coming to America for a chance at a better life. We do not build walls to keep people in, like North Korea. But we do need to build a few to keep people out.

There are those who think the opposite of America. Obama and those closest to him; those who promoted him behind the scenes, and those he learned from, look at America as wrong. They want to take America down to the third world instead of trying to bring the third world up. It is easier to take money and property from the few who live well in America and the Government keep it to decide how best to let the people live. Take us all down to poverty levels because it is easier to do that than for those below the poverty level to move up. Oh, but you still have work hard so you can support the rest of the world even though they don’t have to work as hard as you do. That is called ‘fairness’.

Obama is slowly in the process of making America a Socialist nation. Just like the Socialist Dictators who control countries in Africa. Just like everywhere socialism has been tried it will fail here too. Why? Once the Dictator and his friends have all the money they will then tell us how to live and only give us what they think we should have while they still live like kings. Socialism has never worked anywhere it was tried including here in early America. But now the Obama Dictatorship has gained control and the United States of America will become third world just like Central America and a large part of South America. He will take us down because it is easier than helping those living there to come up. What is easier is not always better.