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Obama shredded the Constitution tonight. The America we all grew up in is no longer. The forty fourth President of the United States has stopped doing his job based on the what the Constitution states his job is. He has now made himself the Dictator.

Most people think the President will do the right thing for America because he is an American. Obama never was an American. No, I’m not one of the birthers. I’m talking about how we are citizens of America and love our country. Obama is a citizen of the World; he does not think America is a great country and he does not love the things that make America great. He has been slowly dismantling the Constitution to make America into the country he wants and thinks it should be. He is not a proud American. He never has been. He is the probably the best liar to ever be in the position of authority in history. He says what the majority wants to hear then does it his way. He will continue to do this until America is no longer and we become a third world country.