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Hope and Change was the mantra six years ago, and I think most people voted thinking that was what we would get. Well, we didn’t. If anything it is more of the same and has even went backwards. How much better would this world be if we were all blind? What if you had to judge someone just on the content of their words and not on their looks? It certainly would make a difference.

I am a writer. I have been a reporter so I know that side of life. You can’t see me so you only know me by my words. You judge if you like me or you don’t based on that. Race or religion does not matter about what you think of me unless I write about it. So why can’t everything in life be judged from this perspective? Why must ‘race’ be interjected?

I cringe every time I hear a reporter say a black male was shot and killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, MO. Why can’t it just be reported like this: “A large male attacked a smaller male, who happened to be a police officer. The large male, who seemed to have no RESPECT for authority, attempted to take the gun of the smaller male. The smaller male, in fear for his life, shot the larger male, unfortunately, killing him.” Now, if you heard the story reported like that, would it change your perspective?

If the event in Ferguson, MO, was reported like this I think we would all be better off. But of course when you take ‘race’ out of the event, it wouldn’t give people a reason to burn down the town. But that is a whole other subject to deal with later. If the media would stop using race in their words it could go a long way toward making the general population forget there is a difference in skin colors. Children have no concept of skin color; they just see another child to play with. Adults poison the minds of children as they grow up. But if race could be forgotten each generation would be better off. If the media would stop using it to describe incidents the rest of us humans would start to look at things like one human doing something to another human being. How about ‘hoping’ we look at life as humans helping or hurting our fellow humans? Then, and only then, will there be real ‘change’ in this world!