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I want to thank my friend and fellow author Bill Miller for this review on Amazon.com. Bill is the author of Seeds of Magnolia, a historical account of a real family trying to deal with the morality of slavery before, during, and after the American Civil War. The following is his review of my novel, Only Us.

Kat Canfield describes the tangled love life and eventual marriage of an American woman and a wealthy member of a Saudi royal family. Their love for each other and even their lives are placed in jeopardy by an organized crime lord’s relentless criminal exploitations for financial gain. The plot develops slowly and continuously from start to finish. Right up to the very end, the reader is kept wondering what’s next and who done it.
Only Us is an interesting book with a well-developed plot. Its’ drawback is marked by errors in punctuation, a few sentences with missing words, and some redundancy. Yet, it keeps the readers attention from cover to cover. Even with the grammatical errors, it makes a good read.