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“Brothers: The Arab countries today are in urgent need of stability and peace. Every country, every government, every responsible citizen and every individual in every Arab country should devote himself to the service of his country and his people to raise his country to the place it deserves among the nations of the world. This is what the Arabs need today. Quarrels, disagreements, insults and altercations are forbidden by our religion, are unworthy of the Arabs’ dignity and are in conflict with their own interest. It serves the interest of no one when an Arab inflicts damage to himself or on others. All it accomplishes is to hinder the Arab countries from carrying out their duties properly.”

These are words of King Faisal, third Saudi King, in 1963. They are still true fifty years later in the world and especially in the Middle East. I dare say if the leaders of the Arab countries would get together and quite fighting each other, they would offer a greater world for everyone; this includes to leaders in Israel, as it is a part of the Arab world. Peace in the Middle East is possible if true leaders worked together. King Faisal brought many good reforms to Saudi Arabia like the education of women. His successor, King Abdullah, continues to reform the country and make the lives of Saudi’s women better.