Hooray!! Point well made. In fact, history will show that it was other “black Africans” who captured and sold their fellow black Africans into slavery in the first place. Research the Zulu’s. Ok, whites bought them but they also freed them. What are Africans doing to other Africans today? Capturing them and selling them into slavery. Ever hear of Boko Haram?

Desert Musings

There’s nowhere in the dictionary that says a racist has to be a white person saying or doing actions against a person of color. It CAN (and usually is these days) be the other way around. Now, I understand that blacks don’t like to hear that, but can anyone out there actually tell me that the actions of Jesse Jackson or Barack Obama, or Al Sharpton, or Eric Holder are anything but racist? Can anyone truthfully say that the actions of these four individuals are actually bringing America together or are they tearing us apart?

Obama’s latest action seems to be a way for him to justify his racist feelings toward whites. And frankly, I can tell you, yes, racism exists both ways. I think there are some whites that are still racist toward blacks, and I think that there are more blacks that are racist toward whites. And it’s a…

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