Dictator or King, it is what the Constitution of the United States was meant to prevent. Obama is now a traitor to this country because he shredded the Constitution.

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Obama did tonight, out of desperation, what he needed to do to  keep from getting deported.   He is illegal, and we know it.   We had an illegal president break the law, one he swore to uphold, the Constitution.

As far as the content of his speech/announcement, when was the last time things turned out the way Obama said they would.   When has he ever really meant what came from his mouth.  Obama is an habitual liar.

The legal immigrants, came here the right way, the lawful way, not the Obama way.

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I know this was written before the November elections but his words about Obama are too true. In view of the executive order being signed today in Colorado, I thought this was important to share.

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king obama speaks

Below is a link to an article on OBAMA’S executive order on present illegal immigrants he plans on initiating following the November mid-term elections.  I know you are smart enough to understand his time-table is set so his action does not affect your vote for fellow Democrats.   That in itself should be enough to tick you off.  This is not a popular decision. That my fellow Americans is an understatement.  This order is to further drag this nation down the tubes.  This will boost economic ruin in the United States, one we may never recover from.

This moron in our White House goes from one executive order to another and his timing is always while we are in the center of other crisis’.   He continuously gives us something to occupy our minds and piss us off to forget his previous destruction.

This disgusting example of a man must…

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Easier Isn’t Always Better


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Doing the easy thing isn’t always the best way to get things done. When it comes to getting ahead in life, it takes hard work and lots of time. Of course it is easier to sit and not work and hope someone will come along and take care of you.

What does this have to do with what is going on in America? The American Dream is that if you work hard you can become anything you can dream about. Work hard and you will be successful. People from around the world have come to America for generations so they could live the American Dream. America was the hope of the entire world. People still keep coming to America for a chance at a better life. We do not build walls to keep people in, like North Korea. But we do need to build a few to keep people out.

There are those who think the opposite of America. Obama and those closest to him; those who promoted him behind the scenes, and those he learned from, look at America as wrong. They want to take America down to the third world instead of trying to bring the third world up. It is easier to take money and property from the few who live well in America and the Government keep it to decide how best to let the people live. Take us all down to poverty levels because it is easier to do that than for those below the poverty level to move up. Oh, but you still have work hard so you can support the rest of the world even though they don’t have to work as hard as you do. That is called ‘fairness’.

Obama is slowly in the process of making America a Socialist nation. Just like the Socialist Dictators who control countries in Africa. Just like everywhere socialism has been tried it will fail here too. Why? Once the Dictator and his friends have all the money they will then tell us how to live and only give us what they think we should have while they still live like kings. Socialism has never worked anywhere it was tried including here in early America. But now the Obama Dictatorship has gained control and the United States of America will become third world just like Central America and a large part of South America. He will take us down because it is easier than helping those living there to come up. What is easier is not always better.

Obama Shreds The Constitutions


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Obama shredded the Constitution tonight. The America we all grew up in is no longer. The forty fourth President of the United States has stopped doing his job based on the what the Constitution states his job is. He has now made himself the Dictator.

Most people think the President will do the right thing for America because he is an American. Obama never was an American. No, I’m not one of the birthers. I’m talking about how we are citizens of America and love our country. Obama is a citizen of the World; he does not think America is a great country and he does not love the things that make America great. He has been slowly dismantling the Constitution to make America into the country he wants and thinks it should be. He is not a proud American. He never has been. He is the probably the best liar to ever be in the position of authority in history. He says what the majority wants to hear then does it his way. He will continue to do this until America is no longer and we become a third world country.

Learning From History


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I have spoken many times about the fact that “Those who do not learn from history, are bound to repeat it.” There are more reasons for history to be taught in school than just to fill class time. The main reason is so we understand what happened back in the day and prevent the bad aspects from happening again.
Obama and his minions certainly did not pay attention in history class. How can an educated man, (at least he graduated, that doesn’t mean he earned the degrees) completely disregard history? He disregards because he cares more to dismantle America than continue our high values. Here is the short version of the history he missed:
During WW2, Hitler was winning his war in Europe. But he thought he knew more than his Generals and began to micro-manage the entire war strategy. Hitler tried to become the general. Even though he had some military experience, he could not know the actual conditions his Generals saw by being on the field in the forefront of the action. Hitler lost the war for Germany because of his actions. Thank goodness for that or we would all be speaking German right now.
Another point in history: the Vietnam War. Johnson micro-managed the entire war from the oval office. America won all the battles yet lost the war. We could have finished that war and saved countless American and civilian lives if the Generals could have managed the war and not the politicians in Washington who didn’t have a clue.
Obama is now micro-managing our Military. He tells them what to do and does not listen to their recommendations. He decides what targets our jets will hit and when. He does not listen to the experts who are on the field and know what the enemy is doing. He has absolutely no military experience and thinks he can lead by sitting in the oval office and knows nothing about what is happening in the theater. There is the leading from behind thing again. Bad, very bad. He placed experts in the positions of leadership then completely ignores their expertise and goes his own way. Just like Hitler. Just like Hitler he will lose each battle and will lose the war on terror. Terror is coming to America. ISIS will be on our soil very soon. We will soon all be under Sharia Law and the only religion we will be able to practice is Islam. And if you don’t believe in God? All atheist will be beheaded in the streets. There will be no choices. I worry Obama has all but invited the terrorist into the White House.
We can only hope the other two branches of our government can stop Obama. This last election will help but it won’t stop Obama. Many are looking toward the next election to get America back on track. Well, with the way things are, and the way Obama has disregarded history, I fear there may not be an election. Obama can suspend future elections. Heil, Obama.

Evil Is A Faceless Coward


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images ISIL
There is no doubt that evil is a faceless coward that hides behind the innocent. I watched the special about the Navy Seal who took out Osama Bin Laden. Americans only saw Bin Laden’s face when he was in the company of his soldiers on video. Otherwise he hid; in the mountains, in a high walled compound, and behind the women kept in his compound. Even in those last few minutes of his life Bin Laden was standing behind one of his wives using her as a shield instead of facing our soldiers like a man. Bin Laden was evil and he hid his face until the very end.

Evil is continuing to hide its face. It hides behind religions. At the moment, it hides behind Islam. The vast majority of Muslims are good God fearing people. It is easy to see those who are consumed by the evil as they cover their faces and hide behind innocent women and children. Evil has hidden behind Christianity though out history and still does even today. Not always in as large a way as it does with ISIL but it is in the hearts of many. Evil hides in humans regardless of religion, or lack thereof, race, gender, or culture. Evil is an equal opportunity destroyer. I hope that sentence gets tweeted all over the world!

It is also interesting to note that it likes to hide behind women. That shows the world that men are weak and women are strong. So stand tall, Ladies, and throw the evil down and grind its faceless form in the dirt!

CELEBRATE for two deserving people have won the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE

Malala speaks the truth in education of girls as well as boys as the basis of empowerment of the individual. Regardless of race, religion, culture, or economic status without education you will never succeed in life. The best way to rise above your economic status is get the best education you can achieve. Education is the key to most of our human failings.

Jean Sasson

NICE TO REPORT GOOD NEWS:  Those on the front lines fighting for girls and women tend to agree that nothing is more important than education.  Education changes boys as well as girls.  Without education, few things will change for the youth of the world.

And so it was with great joy that I celebrated when learning that two very deserving people had won the Nobel Peace Prize.  Too many times it appears that politics enter the equation, but this year two people who are changing the world shared the prize.

Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani girl who spoke out for education for girls, and who was gunned down by the Taliban for her words, is respected by all who acknowledge the importance of education to create change in the lives of girls and women all over the world.  Young Malala is one of the strongest and most determined young woman…

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Honor Comes In a Uniform


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Today is Veterans Day in America. I say thank you to all men and women who wore the uniform of the United States Military. I can write freely because you defended the American Constitution. I can speak freely because you defended the Constitution. I could vote for the candidate of my choice because you defended the Constitution. You gave freely, you sacrificed your blood, sweat, and tears for millions of people who will never know you. Yet we appreciate you. This is your day and I thank you.

America has the best military in the world. American military men and women put on a uniform that stands for something. It might mean different things to different people but it all stands for America and American Exceptionalism. American military personnel are proud to wear the uniform and show their faces in battle. Proud. Unlike the cowards of ISIS who hide their faces and wear no uniform. Unlike the cowards of Hamas who hide behind innocent women, children, and old people. Unlike the cowards who strap bombs on themselves to kill innocents. Americans wear a uniform that stands for freedom for all regardless of race, gender, nationality, rich, poor, educated or not. They wear it regardless of religion or lack thereof. They wear it so all Americans can worship God in the way they want or mot. They do not hide. They are proud. And they will prevail against the cowards of evil.

There Is No War On Women


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Last night, America showed there is no war on women. It also showed what happens when you vote based on race or gender. One of the worst leaders ever was elected twice to the Presidency based solely on his race. It wasn’t his message, it was his race. Some pundits have termed this “white guilt”. Perhaps that is true. Last night the President’s agenda was put down. I think that shows he got elected based on his race. There were many women elected last night and it was based on their message not their gender. Mia Love is the first black female elected to Congress that was a Republican. Race? Gender? I think not.

As a female, I fought the opinions of men against my gender. I was a police officer, a female, in a world dominated by men. It was always my mission to earn my way into any unit I chose to be in. Several times, I was the only female attempting to go into a special unit. Several times, I got that position. Several times I did not. When I didn’t, I never said I didn’t get it because I was a female. I knew a better candidate got the position. All the special units I was involved in I EARNED that. Hard work, studying, and learning will get you further in life than trying to use your gender or race as the only factor for moving up. Get it? Be the best person for the position.

America has went backwards for the last six years because people voted for race instead of the best person for the job. I hope we learn from this and don’t make the same mistake again by voting a women into the Presidency who isn’t qualified. Of all the females said to be running, neither is qualified and they certainly are not leaders! And I say that not because they are Democrat but because they have no qualifications and no leadership skills.

So it is time, America, to start voting the best person to the job, not because of their race or gender. Then hold them accountable. If they don’t do the job they say they will do, VOTE THE BUMS OUT! We the people have the say and last night we said America is on the wrong path and it is time for American Exceptionalism to return.